i’m reading the stand at the moment and i woke up with a cold today HAHAHAHAHAhahaha help me please

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 04:47pm



broccoli floret crowns are better than flower crowns

look at me guys!!!!! I had so much fun with this :)

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 01:47pm

I’m really cold and sad and tired and I just wanna be in my bed at home but instead I’m being forced to go out drinking with some really perky girls and I’m probably going to cry at this bar so yay for me

Monday Sep 9 @ 09:51pm


ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

Monday Sep 9 @ 08:29pm

think I’m the only one up in the flat and I wanna go get breakfast but if I eat in the kitchen and no ones there then I’ll feel like I’m avoiding being social but really I just want cheerios but I feel like I should wait until somebody else is up
plus if I’m the only one awake then I need to store up alone time and use it wisely because I have a feeling I won’t get much of it this week but I’m HUNGRY

Monday Sep 9 @ 10:10am

flat update: there were 2 huge dead moths in my room, and it’s kind of hard to build up the courage to go into a full kitchen and introduce myself to everyone right now

Sunday Sep 9 @ 06:43pm

oh come on, that’s the second guy I work with who’s sent me flirty messages on facebook :( apparently just being friendly and trying to join in with the ‘banter’ that the guys have together is flirting now? NOT INTERESTED GUYS :( please don’t make work awkward for me :(

Saturday Sep 9 @ 08:36pm
Saturday Sep 9 @ 08:28pm

I move to hudds tomorrow fucking hell
I feel alright though, not scared, just sad I guess, don’t know how I’m gonna handle being social 24/7 though, working all summer has already pretty much knocked me out
my flatnates seem pretty normal but I’ve still yet to learn how to cook anything which is helpful

Saturday Sep 9 @ 07:05pm

meadham kirchoff aw/14, photography by rosaline shahnavaz.

Friday Sep 9 @ 04:36pm


Somebody to Love, 1976

Thursday Sep 9 @ 07:14pm
  • Me: wanna come over?
  • Me: my parents aren't home ;)
  • Me: so we can sing showtunes as loud as we want.
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 07:42pm

my worst fear for living in halls is that my flatmates will decide to cook for everyone and it’ll be something normal like curry but i won’t be able to eat it and i’ll offend them by not eating it and they won’t understand that i’m just bad with food :( i just don’t want to be judged on what i eat okay

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 07:20pm
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