The Great British Bake Off: a summary

Thursday Aug 8 @ 07:11pm

this was dramatic as hell

Thursday Aug 8 @ 12:49pm

Thursday Aug 8 @ 11:58am

i absolutely adore kate bush and will love her forever and obviously i respect her decision to play whatever she wants and i understand that artists want to move on and do different things and i respect her choice to distance herself from her earlier work if she doesn’t feel like it represents her as an artist anymore but… like, people have waited 30 years. people have paid thousands of pounds. people have queued for days in the rain and they would love to hear something from ‘the kick inside’ and it doesn’t even have to be ‘wuthering heights’, it could be anything. people (including me) would fall to the floor sobbing if she sang ‘this woman’s work’ or ‘the man with the child in his eyes’, it would be so magical. obviously she doesn’t have to play anything she doesn’t want to play and i still love her but sometimes when artists do this i feel like they’re judging us for liking the classics when they themselves have grown to hate them. it also reminds me a little bit of noel fielding’s luxury comedy in that self-indulgent “i know you like my work so i’m just gonna do whatever i want and you’re gonna put up with it” way. sorry. i’m still super excited to see her sing, i can’t believe she’s doing songs from ‘the red shoes’ and i’m gonna die when she sings ‘lily’ but yeah this is the vibe i get from the show. SORRY. i still love her. i’m just disappointed but she’s still a goddess and i will still cry and it will still be magical. 

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:58am
she’s so precious god

she’s so precious god

Sunday Aug 8 @ 08:05pm

according to the rumours she’s gonna do like full-on underwater stunts and singing and stuff, it’s gonna be the best show ever ahhhhhhhhh

Sunday Aug 8 @ 08:03pm
seeing kate’s show at hammersmith on saturday!!!! I’M SO EXCITED

seeing kate’s show at hammersmith on saturday!!!! I’M SO EXCITED

Sunday Aug 8 @ 08:02pm

giles and miss calendar are my otp foreverrrrrrr

Friday Aug 8 @ 06:20pm

Thursday Aug 8 @ 06:06pm

It’s your turn to be the hero.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:06pm

Bowie fans outside a David Bowie concert in 1973 at Earls Court, London.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 10:41am

so what i’ve learnt today is that lederhosen are really expensive but i love them and i need some

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 07:20pm

where can a gal go to buy some reasonably priced lederhosen???? because there’s no way i’m going to be a ‘sexy beer babe’ at hudds bavarian freshers night out

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 07:10pm
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